How to access the http interface of MongoDB

This is a complimentary post following the installation of MongoDB, as you probably now, MongoDB comes with a web interface, easy to visualize what is going on with your MongoDB databases.
To access this web interface, you just need to use the following address.


However, this is not enabled by default. In case you do not have started MongoDB with the web interface enabled you may need to restart the service adding the parameter –httpinterface.


With MongoDB running, open a terminal window and start the MongoDB Shell, just by typing:

$ mongo

Then, use the following commands to shutdown the server.

$ use admin
$ db.shutdownServer()

You are going to see a message similar to this.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 22.29.25

Now, that the server is down you just need to start using the –httpinterface parameter.

$ mongod --httpinterface

If everything goes right, you should be able to access the http://localhost:28017 and see something like this.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 22.35.49

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